Medical Director

In order to maintain the highest standards of quality, a Medical Director oversees Crown Care Center in order to coordinate medical care, ensure proper implementation of resident care policies, and monitor the health status of employees and the facility. Medical Director responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that residents receive adequate services appropriate to their needs
  • Ensuring that the medical regimen is incorporated in the resident's care plan
  • Participating in facility committee meetings such as the Quality Improvement Committee
  • Assuring the health status of employees

Dr. Srinath Tadakamalla
Medical Director
Crown Care Center

The Crown Care Center Team

The following team members will assist you in every phase of the process.

Executive Director

Jane Prier - Executive Director

Director of Nursing

Anita Baize, RN - Director of Nursing

Assistant Director of Nursing

Dianne Atikin, RN - Assistant Director of Nursing

Admissions Coordinator

Angela Fisher, LPN - Admissions Coordinator

Social Services Designee

Wendy Eddleman - Social Services Designee

Marketing/Assistant Bookkeeper

Brittney Sexton - Marketing/Assistant Bookkeeper

Dietary Manager

Stacie Dowell, CDM - Dietary Manager

Registered Dietician, Licensed Dietician

Sydney S. Burch - Registered Dietician, Licensed Dietician

The Rest of Our Team

  • MDS/CP Coordinators
    • Carolyn Hutsell, LPN
    • Heather Moore, LPN
  • Payroll/HR – Marsha Seleman
  • Business Office Manager – Staci Friederich
  • Medical Records
    • Cami Kagarice, LPN
    • Eric Edwards, LPN
  • Staffing/Education Coordinator – Paula Luckan, LPN
  • Activity Director – Kara Irvin
  • Environmental Services Supervisor – Dana Coyazo
  • Maintenance Supervisor – Rick Frazier
  • Therapy Director – Liberty Underwood, LPTA