Whether short term after a medical event or during a long term stay with a special rehabilitation need, through a partnership with RehabCare, Crown Care Center helps residents regain their strength, autonomy and dignity.

RehabCare is the the nation’s premier provider of physical, occupational and speech-language rehabilitation services, providing interdisciplinary therapy to more than 1,800 sites of service across the United States

RehabCare clinicians are top-notch therapists who are passionate about what they do: helping people regain their lives. Dedicated to patient-centered care, RehabCare therapists work with Crown Care Center’s residents to reduce pain, restore mobility, increase fitness levels and improve speech.

Physical Therapy

Sometimes walking, going up stairs or getting in and out of bed can be a difficult task for residents who have back pain, are injured or recovering from surgery. Using the latest technology and modern techniques, our team of physical therapists can help you restore physical function, flexibility, strength and overall endurance. Our program may involve exercise, stretching, weight lifting or other methods to restore mobility and improve your overall quality of life. Our physical therapists focus on neuromuscular and skeletal dysfunction and customize a plan of care for each resident. Our occupational therapy team consists of one registered doctor of physical therapy and two licensed physical therapy assistants.

Occupational Therapy

Sometimes tasks such as dressing, eating, toileting, cooking, gardening, shopping or even balancing a checkbook can be difficult for those challenged by injury, illness, chronic conditions, or developmental disabilities. Through daily living assessments, exercise and assistive devices, our trained occupational therapists can help residents lead independent, productive and satisfying lives. Our occupational therapy team consists of one registered doctor of occupational therapy and two licensed certified occupational therapy assistants.

Speech-Language Therapy

As people age, their vocal cords tend to lose elasticity and become thinner which can lead to speech issues. Additionally, strokes or other sudden conditions can cause problems with speech. Effects like vocal tremors, quieter voice, irregular speech patterns or even swallowing dysfunctions can be discouraging to individuals and lead to a lower sense of self-worth. Through simple exercises to improve speech patterns, our speech therapists can help residents regain confidence and independence by focusing on pronunciation and articulation. Our speech-language therapy team consists of two licensed master level speech-language pathologists and one doctorate level speech-language pathologists who are also all certified through the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Restorative Therapy

Adapting to the rigors of daily living is not easy — especially when recovering from an injury or adjusting to a physical disability. Our Restorative Therapists are dedicated to helping residents maintain the highest practical level of wellbeing. The Restorative Therapy program at Crown Care Center is provided as needed to residents under the direction of a physician’s orders and under the care of a licensed therapist. Our goal for each resident participating in the Restorative Therapy Program is as follows:

  • Appropriate or Proper Body Alignment
  • Proper positioning
  • Prevention of pressure sores
  • Prevention of contractures and deformities
  • Achievement of independence in activities of daily living
  • Assisting residents in adjusting to physical disabilities
  • Discharge planning
  • Moving back to the community