Dining Services


Crown Care Center offers a wide array of diet-sensitive, yet palatable choices from an a la carte menu or nutritious salad bar. All meals can be enjoyed in the facility’s pleasant dining rooms or cozy cordial areas.

Crown Care Center’s Dietary Services Program is designed to meet the unique nutritional and dietary needs of each resident, and adhere to any weight and protein level requirements ordered by a Physician. All Therapeutic Diets are planned, in writing and under the supervision of the Consulting Dietician as prescribed by the attending physician.


Residents are served by Crown Care Center’s Registered Dietician who consults with the Director of Nutritional Services or Dietary Manager to ensure meals that are suited to a resident’s health.

Dietician responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that nutritional services are provided to residents with prescribed physician orders
  • Reviews medical records and identifies residents who are at nutritional risk
  • Oversees assessments made by facility dietary manager
  • Assess meal service for appropriate sanitation and food standards

 Sydney Burch
Sydney S. Burch
Registered Dietician, Licensed Dietician
Crown Care Center
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Flexible Diet Options

Many types of diets can meet the prescribed requirements of a Physician. Consequently, Crown Care Center offers a number of plans that give residents all the flexibility they need to savor every meal.

  • Regular diet
  • 1,800 Calorie diet
  • Low Sodium diet
  • Renal diet for Dialysis patients
  • Low Fat / Low Cholesterol diet
  • Mechanical Soft Diet
  • Purée diet
  • Kosher diet

Sample Menu - Regular Diet

Click here to view a typical regular diet menu featured at Crown Care Center.